No Clear Mind: We will never forget people in Peyote singing our songs

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You played in Peyote just before the Gezi Park protests. This should be your first gig in abroad How was the Turkey tour? What did you feel when you play in Turkey?

Thats right Anil, this is when we first met you as well. No Clear mind played in Turkey for first time that date back in 2011, though our first gig abroad was back in 2008 in Italy and Naples, where we had a couple of gigs. We had a great enthusiasm playing in Turkey for first time. Greek and Turkish people have so much in common in terms of culture. It is certain that we share a lot more than only similar music backgrounds.

How was the first gig in Peyote?

We didn’t know back then that our music means something for so many people in Turkey. Everything started in Izmir where we played for first time at Izmir university. That was the first time we felt that our music has to be played live more in this country. Right after that we headed to Peyote Istanbul. After that unforgettable sold out gig in Peyote we realised that there is a really huge connection between No Clear Mind and Turkish audience.  We will never forget people in peyote singing our songs from the first time we played there. That was the first time really we felt that what we are doing really matters for some people. This situation is what a band really needs to move on.

Did you feel as an outsider on the stage?

We always enjoy playing live, especially when we play in places for first time. It is always pleasing.

What kind of memories do you have from that concert?

We remember people coming to talk to us and share their support and their love. It was very emotional and the honesty of their words is something that we will never forget. We experienced from first hand that when Turkish people want to say that they love you, they will do it straightforward, they will hug you and kiss you. This is really something precious for people like us. it is something real and true. The whole crew from Peyote were so friendly and they made us feel like home and especially Emre Aksoy who help us arrange the details for this first gig.  We will also never forget a very nice chat we had with the historic music director of Peyote, Hakan Orman in his strangely nice small office adjacent of the stage, where he explained to us what Peyote was and the ethos of this place. We were very sad when we got informed about his sadden loss in an accident. We know he was an important man for Peyote.

What do you think about peyote?

We’ve played in both Peyote Istanbul and Eskisehir. Peyote is a place and a situation that every city needs to have and experience. It is like a centre where people can freely express their music creations and interact with the audience in an environment which feels like home for everyone.

How do you describe the independent music scene in Greece?

There many good bands and musicians coming from the Greek underground and independent scene. The last 20 years  some bands recorded really nice albums, but few of them took the next step and broke the limit of only Greek audience. Some of them did it and especially now there are a few bands doing great gigs and albums and hopefully in the years to come the future is even more promising. It is so difficult for bands form Greece and Turkey to find there way out there. This music industry is fucked up and it is a very strange and difficult place to exist in terms of getting big as a band especially if you are not from the USA or the UK or in general if your are not from a country where your mother tongue is English.

Is there any night club(s) like Peyote in Greece?

There are some places where you can have gigs and perform, but a straightforward answer in this question  is No! unfortunately not.

After three-LP, How are the days going on for the band?

We have more that 12 years playing and recording together just because we love what we do and thats all. We have been through very happy moments and at the same time very stressful and hard times as humans being inside this (body of expression) that we call No Clear Mind. It is really difficult to maintain a band like No Clear Mind being creative and expressive all the time, because what we do and what we like to record musically is very emotional and very deep and heavy sometimes  for our soul. It is painful sometimes and it does need time to find the right moment for its blossom. Thats why maybe we recorded three albums in 10 years and thats why we are not performing live very often. We want to believe that there are more yet to come.

I met NCM with “Dream is Destiny”. For me, “Dream is destiny” is a debut album that combines the atmospheric elements of shoegaze with dreamy melodies. In your second album Mets, your sound was perfect. Maybe, “Mets” is considered as a sort of continuation of “Dream is Destiny” in a perfect harmony. But in Makena, you a little bit changed the direction of NCM with psychedelic touches. What were your musical aims in Makena?

Makena was the most expressive and intimate album for the band since we recorded it almost live. It was a different approach on our songwriting and we felt more extrovert recording it. It is in our nature to experiment so be prepared for what maybe is coming on the near future. No Clear Mind get bored easily and we want to push things and redefine our creative limits.

Görsel, adresinden alınmıştır.

How were the reactions for Makena?

It is the most well received album from the press and the people. Though we are aware that because of this diversity between our records people sometimes get confused of what we do or what type of music we are making. We just like to say that this is a type of hybrid progressive pop rock.

Will you share a new release in near future?

Many ideas strolling inside our no clear mind. There is not something yet ready though.

Your last gig in İstanbul was held in last year. Is there any upcoming tour plans in Turkey?

Last year’s sold out gig was amazing and soon we will release some footage from that first night at Salon IKSV. It would have been really nice to play there again soon.

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